Variety Show Applications are Now Open

Variety Show applications for its various segments including the Handmade Contest, Coordinate Contest, and the Talent Show are now online and ready for submission. Please make sure you read the rules for each contest before applying!

Some common questions we've answered in the past:

  • The Variety Show will NOT be held at the same time as the¬†Fashion Show or the High Tea events.
  • You may enter ONCE per contest - meaning one entry in the Handmade Contest, one entry in the Coordinate Contest, and one entry in the Talent Show. Please be sure that you will have enough time to change/have models inbetween contests as they are going side-by-side next to each other!
  • Participation in the Variety Show is for fun and will not offer any compensation in form of currency or Pass reimbursement. Participation in the Variety Show also does not count toward Volunteer hours.

If you have any further questions, leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. For more private matters, please use our contact form and indicate "Main Events". Thank you!

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