Triple Fortune Stock Requests Open

After last year's sell out and popularity in the Marketplace for Triple Fortune, they would like to issue a stock request form for 2015 attendees to fill out. This will not guarantee that certain items will be in stock, but it will help guide the decisions of KAIE and BABI while they determine what items to bring. We hope this will provide good data that will show what types of items are popular as well as encourage to bring larger amounts of stock based on the feedback from this form.

We want to help prevent this form from being used multiple times by the same person, or used by people who will not be attending RuffleCon 2015. To ensure these things, we have restricted the form by having you include your pre-registration confirmation number (see below for an example screenshot from an order confirmation email). You will also need to use a Google account in order to fill the form out.


We highly encourage that if you plan on purchasing from Triple Fortune this year to fill this form out to help get the items you want here at RuffleCon 2015 for you! We hope this will help all attendees get the best possible experience out of RuffleCon this year. If this model works out for this year, we will extend this out to other designers to help them make decisions when considering stock.

If you would like to submit a request for a different designer, please let us know in the comments below! We will work with our guests!

Thank you for your participation! Submit a stock request form here.

  • ChRi

    I think it would be a lit more helpful to TF if you would modify the survey to accommodate the varying interest in their items.

    I would suggest an option where you could specify or elaborate on the items someone might want to see at the event like how you guys left an option to write in a specific color.

    They also make top hats, Edwardian hats and riding hats which are more than just "hair pieces" and giving people such a vague answer doesn't really help TF that much especially since they wouldn't bring any of those items because no one can mention them in this survey. It would be cool to have a spot/ question to elaborate on the types of dresses or skirts as well especially since they're trying to broaden their franchise with these items and the survey only looks like you guys are interested in just the bonnets.

    Help us, help you.

    • Eek

      on the Facebook page, it is stated that this is the format 3F requested for the poll. however, specifying desired items here in the blog is not a bad idea!

      • ChRi

        Well and also let's talk about the fact that this is an alternative fashion con. Steampunk people would be more interested in their top hats than a bonnet, but how would they know since there isn't an option to even feature them? Or the fact what few males that actually participate in the fashion have to just assume they're talking about male head attire because all that's listed is " hair accessories. " I get that you guys want to tailor to a format that is simple but being too vague isn't helpful either.

        And making a notation about listing other items you want in the blog comments on the blog post would be helpful for people who haven't read the fb ppost. I actually read and commented on the blog post before I even knew a similar comment to my own was mentioned and answered there. And let's be honest, not many other attendees are looking at all the other posts and comments, it would be really helpful to also say in the blog post if you have another recommendation to post it on the comments here than to assume they already know from the fb post.

        • chRi

          Ack, just saw that you did add that!! Thank you!!

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