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Brilliant Kingdom Dark Gothic Musical Album CoverSince our inaugural year, Japanese fashion and performer duo KAIE and BABI have been a powerful force. Triple Fortune has enchanted us with their sumptuous fashions. Brilliant Kingdom has ensorcelled us with scintillating performances. They set the Lolita fashion world ablaze with "bonnet fever". We can never look at the standard boring head bow the same way again!

KAIE and BABI return once more to RuffleCon, and this year, they are bringing something new! Their Brilliant Star ☆ Decorations events are a major hit in Japan, and this year RuffleCon will also host a similar fabulous musical fashion extravaganza. KAIE and BABI perform as the visual-kei band Brilliant Kingdom while gorgeous designs from their fashion label share the RuffleCon stage.

If you hope to snag one of their stunning bonnets, you're not alone. We suggest members line up early for the annual conference Marketplace opening. Deluxe and Premium members have an even better chance with special early-access to the Marketplace! We can't wait to shop their wearable art!

Brilliant Kingdom joined the RuffleCon family in our first year. They love to introduce our members to Japanese indie brands and trends. This year they are helping us bring something a little different but even more exciting to RuffleCon.

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KAIE and BABI, the princely duo behind the fashion brand Triple Fortune and members of the band Brilliant Kingdom, welcome you to their shining world!

Their fashion brand, Triple Fortune, is a well-respected brand known for their lavish outfits and over the top hair accessories, in particular, their ornate bonnets.

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