Thank You for RuffleCon 2016!

Thank you for participating and supporting RuffleCon 2016! We had a tremendous year with a lot of positives and very few negatives. It was a win across the board for our entire team. To all our dedicated, volunteer staff, we thank you for all your hard work! For all our attendees, vendors, guests, press, panelists, and all others who made RuffleCon 2016 work, thank you so much!

We have a couple of end-of-conference-year items to address:


All consignment remittance payments have been sent out last week. According to PayPal, there are a handful of payments that are waiting to be cleared. The latest estimate for a couple of the payments being cleared is November 18th, 2016. Unfortunately, this is out of our hands. The majority of payments did clear, and you should have received a notification regarding your payment. If you have not received anything by November 19th, 2016, please contact us immediately to look into the issue for you.

Media from 2016

Photos from our official RuffleCon staff are being uploaded as they are completed to our Facebook page (yay, free photo storage!). Please visit there and subscribe for continuous updates of media as its posted.

Lost and Found

While we did hold some items during the conference weekend for lost and found, our items have been put into long-term storage. This means that the items will be inaccessible until 2017. We will be unable to confirm if any items that you may have lost were handed in to us, or if we still have them. We will post any found items not belonging to RuffleCon in 2017 through our blog.

Sheraton Stamford Hotel and RuffleCon 2017 Venue

We are having a meeting with the Sheraton Stamford Hotel in the next couple weeks regarding the hotel room issues that were brought up. While we did announce our 2017 dates, we are not officially posting them on our website until AFTER that meeting is completed. This is because depending on the hotel's response, we are unsure if we will be staying with the current venue. Please note that if you have still not sent in feedback regarding the hotel, the time to do so is NOW. We will be unable to make changes or negotiate our existing contract if we are not informed of all the issues that occurred. Social media posts are not telling us what happened - EMAILING us is telling us what happened, with names and hotel room numbers. Otherwise, there's nothing we can do if we don't know what's going on. We may not respond directly to every email that comes in with feedback for 2016 and the hotel, but we are certainly reading every one and taking it into consideration.

The Numbers

If you like to see our numbers from this year, we have 2016 up on our history section of our About page.

RuffleCon 2017 Volunteering

We are currently in process of revamping the staff roles available, based on feedback and internal staff promotions, for 2017. Please continue to check our staff application page as positions are made available. We anticipate this process to be completed in January 2017.

If there are any other lingering issues that you feel have not been addressed, please contact us directly. Thank you again for another great year!

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