Helping Us with Storage, DIY Mobile Box Makes the Process Easy

For portable storage, RuffleCon could not imagine using any other company than DIY Mobile Box. Returning to sponsor our storage needs for the entire conference for 2017, they have proven themselves invaluable to our event. Without DIY, there would be nothing at the conference! Their portable containers store everything from our decorations to staging equipment to dress racks.

DIY Mobile Box LogoWhy DIY Mobile Box?

For one thing, we love attention to detail. You can see fairly easily when we receive our fashion show items how everything has been considered and kept safe. After using them for several years, we have never encountered a broken item in transit. Being transferred from Massachusetts down to Stamford, it takes a while to get to the conference. You would imagine we would have something break at this point. Yet all the items come in without a scratch.

DIY Mobile Box works with the crazy schedule known in events like our conference. When we need the box at 4am, it is never a big deal. It is also on time. Talking with DIY, you can tell how dedicated they are to their customers. You are not dealing with one of hundreds of customer service reps from one of the large retail portable container companies. Most of the time, we end up talking directly to our delivery guy!

How Portable Containers and DIY Mobile Box Help RuffleCon

For the last few years, DIY Mobile Box has generously donated portable containers for RuffleCon to use during the conference. They also have provided us complimentary year round storage to hold our event items during our off-season. Without their help, RuffleCon would have a harder time meeting our goals, bringing the best alternative fashion conference to the Northeast United States.

If you are looking for a temporary storage solution in our area, there is no better solution than DIY Mobile Box. Call them today for a quote!

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