Steampunk Love with Citizens of Antiford at RuffleCon 2017

A fan favorite for our Steampunk community members, the Citizens of Antiford return with bigger and better plans than their previous years. Bringing back some of their time-old favorite informative panels and interactive workshops, they know how to keep our members engaged for the weekend. You can also meet up in their vending area in the Marketplace.

The Citizens of Antiford

Steampunk community based around creating interactive storylines and fictional worlds. The Citizens of Antiford know how to make their narratives inviting and in-depth to keep you coming back for more. We especially love how they incorporate old, new, and fantastical fashions into their fully immersive epics. If you are looking for a way to jump into this open, active, lively community, this is it!

The Citizens of Antiford website really showcases how dedicated they are to their craft. From their large directory filled with different biographies of their members to their "theater" (video gallery) with fun interactive play in their world, Citizens of Antiford's world is something everyone wants to be involved in!

One of the things we love about Citizens of Antiford is their ability to get others to join in! Members and staff are able to interact with them with ease. Also, their down to earth nature is a welcome gesture at a conference dedicated to an open, welcoming space. If you have questions about Steampunk or becoming a part of their community, they will be happy to answer!

Citizens of Antiford Bring Steampunk to You - Learn More

The Citizens of Antiford is a steampunk community fostering creativity through a shared fictional world. The community expresses itself via cosplay, prop making, video, and especially via collaborative fiction as the library of over 100 stories will attest. Their website is a social media and story writing platform for members to create and visitors to enjoy and, if interested, join the community.

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