The Ruffle Court

RuffleCon is carried by a group of selfless staff dedicated to providing an open, creative, and safe environment for people to express their alternative fashion styles. While some of us have been involved for decades in the fashion, others are just starting out. We are from various backgrounds bringing our talents and skillsets together to create a better RuffleCon each and every year.

We are proud to put service and professionalism first and foremost when it comes to our attendees, and internally, we pride ourselves on treating staff fairly and with appreciation for the volunteer work they put into the conference. RuffleCon is run 100% through unpaid volunteers, from top to bottom. We provide rooms, meals, work wear, activities, and more in terms of benefits for those who join our Court family.


Thank you to all of those who have helped RuffleCon in any capacity be the conference that it is today!

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Our Media Team

The various images and videos you see across the website are courtesy of our media team consisting of:

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Apply for RuffleCon Staff

If you would like to be a part of our conference as staff, please see our application process below. The application form is directly afterwards. Please note, after we meet our staff requirements, we will start a waitlist. From time to time, staff who committed previously need to bow out for different reasons, and because of this, we keep our application open so everyone has an opportunity.

Staff member showing her staff sashBenefits to being a member of the Ruffle Court

Although our staff positions are unpaid and on a volunteer-only basis, we offer some great benefits!

  • Free membership (for yourself) to RuffleCon.
  • Free hotel stay in a room shared with no more than three other members of the Court from Thursday night/Friday night to Sunday night/Monday morning of the convention weekend (depending on your role, not every staff member needs to be present Thursday and Monday).
  • Complimentary meals and snacks throughout the weekend
  • One free Ruffle Court staff sash or t-shirt depending on your department assignment (replacement sashes/t-shirts may be purchased at-cost).
  • Not required to wait in line for any events while off duty, as long as space is available.
  • Free entrance to our Court-only party after RuffleCon is complete (to celebrate everything we accomplished!).
  • Chance to earn staff merit badges for your hard work.
  • Ability to help your ideas come to life within RuffleCon!

We also are a great addition to anyone’s resume, and are very much willing to provide professional references as needed.

Staff Requirements for Eligibility

We would love to accept everyone who wants to be a part of our staff, but we have some basic requirements that are necessary in order for you to be a functioning member of the Court.

  • Must be at least 18 years of age when applying.
  • Must be a legal resident of the United States of America.
  • Must be able to attend our annual RuffleCon from the late afternoon/early evening of Thursday through the evening of Sunday.
  • At-Con roles will be expected to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours either within their role or for other departments throughout the conference weekend. If your primary role is finished before the 20 hours is met, you will be required to help other departments through things like line management, badge checks, as an extra pair of hands, etc. to meet those 20 hours. Before Con and Planning roles are exempt from this requirement.
  • Give permission for RuffleCon and the Ruffle Court to use your likeness for any reason, including but not limited to advertisements, website and social media, print media, etc.
  • Must attend all mandatory staff meetings (exemptions are provided on a case-by-case basis).
  • All members of the Court are required to help with the Sunday evening pack-up after RuffleCon ends.


The Ruffle Court staff are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner. Court staff are viewed as representatives of the Ruffle Court to the public, regardless of whether they are on duty or off-duty at RuffleCon.

  • Court staff must follow all rules of RuffleCon and its venue.
  • All Court staff must be respectful and mindful of their fellow Court staff, hotel roommates, guests of honor, industry personnel, marketplace vendors, and conference attendees.
  • Court staff must not abuse the privileges of having a Ruffle Court sash/t-shirt.
  • Court staff are not permitted to allow non-staff in staff hotel rooms or staff-only locations.
  • Discrimination and/or harassment of any form will not be tolerated by anyone, at any level.

Dress Code

The following departments have a set dress code:

  • Enforcement will be required to wear a provided staff shirt.

While you do not have to wear an elegant and cute alternative fashion while on duty, it is encouraged. If not, the bare minimum is business casual.

At RuffleCon, while on duty, your Ruffle Court sash/t-shirt must be worn at all times.


Privacy and Non-Disclosure

  • All information received by staff is considered private and is not to be disseminated to the public unless otherwise instructed to by your department head. This includes guest announcements, event announcements, and details of RuffleCon’s event planning process.
  • Personal information of attendees, guests, vendors, or staff should not be shared with third parties at any time.

Conflict and Disagreement

  • Conflicts with other staff members should not be expressed publicly, including over public online communication.
  • If you have issues with another staff member or concerns regarding the convention, please talk to your direct manager, Personnel Manager, or Chief Officer for your department, depending on which is more comfortable for you.
  • All Ruffle Court staff will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before they are allowed to participate in any meetings or private information. Breaks of these contractual agreements will be pursued under the fullness extent of the law.

Available Staff Positions

The following are the positions currently open to applications. You will find the positions in a tabbed format. Click on which one you are interested in, and you will find the following information:

  • The name of the position, including a responsibility factor marked in stars next to it. This ranges from 1 star (lowest responsibility) to 5 stars (highest responsibility). This should give you a good idea of how intensive the workload can be for that position. We can guarantee that 4s and 5s will commit at least 10-12 hours a week throughout the year. It's a huge responsibility. Do not apply for those roles unless you can commit the time.
  • At the top of the description, it will say if there are before, during, or after responsibilities for the conference for this role. Before conference responsibilities may include emailing, in-person and/or online video chat meetings, organizing spreadsheets or documents, etc. During conference responsibilities are for most roles, but there are a couple of positions that do not have this. After conference responsibilities may include following up with emails, calculating totals, writing up review paperwork, etc.
  • You will find the description which will go into detail of what to expect with this role.
  • The last line in bold shows who this position reports to. We have 4 main departments, each with an Officer - Financial, Operations, Marketing, and Talent. Who you report to will give you a good idea of which department you fall into.

Main Stage Assistant - Responsibility StarResponsibility StarResponsibility Star

This position has responsibilities before the conference.
This position has responsibilities during the conference.

The Main Stage Assistant is responsible for assisting the Main Stage Manager in issues that may come up during Main Events.

Reports to Main Stage Manager

Panels and Workshops Staff - Responsibility Star

This position has responsibilities during the conference.

The Panels & Workshops Staff are responsible for assisting the Panels & Workshops Manager in any capacity the Manager may require. This includes but is not limited to checking in panelists, making rounds during panels to obtain information on currently running events, taking on-site contest signups, and more.

Reports to Panels and Workshops Manager

Fashion Show Manager - Responsibility StarResponsibility StarResponsibility StarResponsibility StarResponsibility Star

This position has responsibilities before the conference.
This position has responsibilities during the conference.

The Fashion Show Manager runs the most important event at RuffleCon, and is a role that can only be taken on by someone who is professional with great customer service skills and organizational skills. The Fashion Show Manager is responsible for setting up the schedule of designers, as well as deciding which designers will walk during our main show. This includes managing the model call and designers. The Manager is responsible for delegating to their staff, as well as acting as support during the conference for issues that arise. This role is intensive, and will take up a lot of time before the conference in terms of emailing, organizing, and attending online video chat meetings. The person will be managing all fashion shows for the weekend, and be a critical part of the team in developing a fashion show strategy for RuffleCon moving forward. They should have experience working fashion show or theatrical events. This person should expect a commitment of at least 2 hours per week leading up to the conference, and up to a 7 hours hours a week closer to the date.

Reports to Programming Director

Fashion Show Make Up Artist - Responsibility Star

This position has responsibilities during the conference.

The Fashion Show Stylist (Makeup and/or Hair) must have prior experience as well as a portfolio to showcase their work. Their primary responsibility is to take care of the assigned models that require makeup and/or hair during the main Fashion Show. Please note in your application if you are a makeup artist, hair stylist, or both. Those who are interested in applying as a hair stylist, please note that wigs are very common in our fashion show, so an ideal candidate will have experience styling synthetic as well as human hair.

Reports to Fashion Show Manager

Fashion Show Staff - Responsibility Star

This position has responsibilities during the conference.

The Fashion Show Staff are responsible for assisting the Fashion Show Manager in any capacity the Manager may require. This includes but is not limited to running errands, helping organize models and walk them to and from the setup area to the stage, helping with line control as necessary, and more.

Reports to Fashion Show Manager

Technology Staff - Responsibility Star

This position has responsibilities during the conference.

Technology Staff are responsible for assisting the Technology Manager in any capacity the Manager may require. This includes but is not limited to running errands, helping assist with technological problems with the assistance of the Manager, and being overall pleasant, warm, and welcoming to our non-tech-savvy friends.

Reports to Technology Manager

Ready to apply? Please fill out the form entirely below.


Please be sure to recognize the level of commitment for type of role you are applying for before proceeding.

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