Staff Applications for the 2014 Conference Year Have Now Closed

Thank you to the outpouring of support to be a part of the Ruffle Court! After much deliberation, we have selected the prime candidates who will be a part of our team. We have closed our applications for the 2014 conference year, and will open them after the conference for 2015 applicants on an as needed basis. To check out who made the cut, please see our staff page for a full list of the official 2014 Ruffle Court.

Do you still want to be involved in some way? Our Volunteer applications are open! Being a volunteer lets you enjoy the conference while helping out and getting some perks. We will also be more favorable to consider a volunteer that has really stood out in their work and dedication to the conference when considering people for our 2015 year – it is a great way to prove yourself as someone that can be relied upon for a larger position.

If volunteering does not sound like your thing – our event applications are great for those to present panels on various different topics and genres throughout our alternative fashion world. If you present 4 or more panels, we will provide you with an All-Weekend Registration pass for free!

Thank you all for showing your support for this dream! We love this conference and cannot wait to start announcing our special guests!



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