RuffleCon Staff Positions Filling Up

First – thank you to everyone who has currently volunteered to be on staff for RuffleCon as part of our Ruffle Court! We appreciate the pouring of support and staff applications from all over the Northeast. We are currently going through the existing applications, and will get back to everyone within a couple weeks.

That being said, our staff positions are starting to fill up! If you want to become a part of this fantastic opportunity in the alternative fashion world, please send in your staff application today. Once our 2014 roster fills up, we will close applications for the 2014 conference year.

There are a great set of perks to being a part of staff. Pulling from our Staff Application page, you get the following:

  • Free membership (for yourself) to RuffleCon.
  • Free hotel stay in a room shared with no more than three other members of the Court from Friday night through Monday morning of the convention weekend.
  • One free RuffleCourt staff sash (replacement sashes may be purchased at-cost).
  • Not required to wait in line for programming events while off duty, as long as space is available.
  • Free entrance to our Court-only party after RuffleCon is complete (to celebrate everything we accomplished!).

We want people from different alternative fashion groups to make this a diverse team that can support all the different beautiful styles that will be featured at RuffleCon, so Steampunk, Gothic, Aristocrat, Fairy Kei, or other styles are very much welcome to apply.

We did not expect to be found by the various online communities, and the overwhelming positive response warms our hearts. Thank you so much for supporting our event! It is going to be a blast! 😀



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