RuffleCon and Membership: What it Means as an Attendee for You

RuffleCon is now pleased to offer annual memberships to the Ruffle Court. Membership is free, and gives you access to our online membership area as well as the ability to upgrade to other membership levels.

Why "membership"? What's wrong with just "tickets"?

We provide the conference as a membership because of the additional benefits, such as the ability to attend additional events for free or a discounted price, you obtain throughout the conference year you are registered, whether you are free or paid. Paid members, depending on their upgrade, will be able to attend our annual membership conference in Stamford, CT.

Membership also reflects our conference as a whole, as we believe in this being "home" for alternative fashion to live and thrive. This is a safe place to express yourself, and as a member of our community, membership makes it official, free or paid.

What upgrades/membership types are available?

The following membership types are available:

  1. Court Membership, which is our free membership level.
  2. Single Membership, which is an upgraded level that allows you to attend one day of your choice of our annual conference.
  3. Weekend Membership, which is an upgraded level that allows you to attend all days of our annual conference.
  4. Deluxe Membership (only 55 available), which is an upgraded level that allows you to attend all days of our annual conference as well as some extra perks.
  5. Premium Membership (only 5 available), which is our highest level and most exclusive. It includes a lot of perks! See details here.
Nina Lin for RuffleCon 2015

Nina Lin for RuffleCon 2015

When will the Membership registration be made available?

Registration will be made available through EventBrite in the following cycles:

  • Premium Membership, Deluxe Membership, and Special Event Tickets will be available on March 4th, 2016 at 7:00pm EST
  • Weekend and Single Memberships will be available on March 7th, 2016 at 7:00pm EST

This is to help prevent an overload of the system like previous years.

When will the Membership Area be made available?

The membership area is currently in progress, and once completed, will be announced through our blog posts, newsletter, and social media accounts.

I have a lot of questions!

No problem! We made a small FAQ just for this. If these do not answer your questions, please contact us directly.

Where did VIP go?

It is now our Deluxe Membership. All of the same perks will be provided (with the exception of the Tea Party ticket), plus a few new ones!

I won/purchased a VIP pass last year. Will it still be valid?

Absolutely! You will be receiving a Deluxe Membership including a Tea Party ticket.

What is the Premium Membership? Why are there only 5 available?

We wanted to offer a select number of Attendees a truly Royal experience. Our Premium Membership offers super limited perks, such as an intimate dinner with some of our special guests.

What happened to Friday, Saturday and Sunday single tickets?

Our Single Membership has taken over our Friday, Saturday and Sunday single day tickets. If you are only interested in coming a single day of the con, now you no longer have to worry about which day that is! Single Membership allows access to the conference on ANY one day. This also allows for flexibility, if you decide you’d like to attend a different day, you don’t need to buy a different single day ticket.

Why will Premium and Deluxe Memberships go on sale first?

The VIP tickets were last year were so popular we crashed our ticketing service! By releasing these Membership options first, we hope to alleviate some of the web traffic issues we experienced last year.

Can I upgrade my membership with special event tickets later?

Yes! Keep in mind, we anticipate our special events to sell out because we have reduced the capacity for a better, more intimate experience, so if you are interested in a Weekend Membership + Tea Party tickets, we suggest you purchase your Tea Party tickets when they first become available.

More questions? Contact us directly.

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