RuffleCon 2016: Redfield Design

redfield-designs-blog-postRuffleCon is proud to welcome back our latest guests for 2016, Redfield Design! Our quintessential Steampunk design house, Redfield features unique and extremely well crafted men's and women's couture clothing.

Based out of New England, Redfield is best known for drawing on the styles of yesteryear. Kathryn enjoys twisting these fundamental elements of fashion and making them call to the viewer with a sense of nostalgia. These designs harken back to a time that never was and let the imagination soar over steam trains and glide carelessly under massive airships. Kathryn prides herself on the quality of her work and her strict attention to detail, which makes every garment not just a costume but an integral part of any character and outfit. Her work has graced runways all over New England and the United States, and can be seen around the world. Additionally, her fashions can be seen in many publications, including The Anatomy of Steampunk which explores Steampunk Fashion and its many facets. Redfield Design was the featured designer of Teslacon 2013, and was invited to be the keynote speaker for the New England chapter of the Costumers Association of America. Kathryn has a degree in sculpture from Maine College of Art, and still uses that degree to think three-dimensionally around the body, and create dreams out of fabric which have helped many truly express their inner-selves.

As well as showcasing their fantastic designs, Redfield will also be helping us judge our Design Contests!20



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