RuffleCon 2016: PUTUMAYO


RuffleCon is proud to announce our latest guest for 2016: classic Harajuku mainstay brand, PUTUMAYO!

PUTUMAYO is a pioneer and the epitome of the Harajuku Street Fashion scene. Debuting in 1990 at LaForet Harajuku, the brand concept of “Cuteness mixed with Poison” has contributed to expanding Japanese Fashion worldwide and progressing Lolita, Gothic & Punk styles for over 25 years!

The very popular “School Coordinate” range is a prime example of how the “Pretty + Poison” theme flows throughout the entire range, with PUTUMAYO taking fringe elements and making them fun and accessible to the mainstream. This spirit of fun is the inspiration behind all designs, which is why the brand is also very popular among lovers of fairy and animal motifs.

Universal designs, icons, and motifs are used to fuse the essence of Harajuku Street Fashion with globally nostalgic emotions, leading to a notable percentage of PUTUMAYO sales going to the international market. This has inspired PUTUMAYO to produce exciting collaborative works as of late, a trend which we’ll certainly see them continuing with in the future.

PUTUMAYO will be bringing their latest pieces to showcase in the Fashion Show. We’ll be announcing more details in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for more info on what you can expect from this Harajuku trendmaker!



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