RuffleCon 2016: Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit

DRC 1RuffleCon is proud to welcome back our latest guests for 2016, the Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit! The mischievous and gracious hosts of the ever popular Anti-High Tea event, the Crew is back to entertain, enchant, and deliver their own special brand of hijinks to this year's Midnight Garden.

The Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit is an immersive theatre troupe specializing in vaudeville, improv, and crime. What is 'immersive theatre', you ask? Well, it's sort of like Imax Cinema, except instead of having to wear 3D glasses to pretend you're part of the story, the action actually comes to you. Notable for on-the-fly story-telling and flash-mob entertainment, the Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit is a prime example of what happens when a gaggle of urchins who grew up listening to punk rock and watching Indiana Jones movies decide they want to become professional entertainers.

The Rabbits have performed at a soiree of locales more diverse than the wretched flavors of villainy at Mos Eisley Spaceport, including TeslaCon, Watch City Festival, the Steampunk World's Faire, and the international Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Their mission is simple - remind the masses that adventure is out there and sometimes a black flag is needed when a white one will not suffice. Their message is one of defiance and curiosity, of entertainment and the drinking class. Vaudeville! Improv! Crime! Captained by a madman and crewed by so-called 'artists' and 'professionals', the Dead Rabbits are tangible proof that all hope for the human race is truly lost.

DRC Crew

As well as hosting the Anti-High Tea, they will also be hosting a number of new and exciting panels, including "Why Piracy? You Can't Take The Sky From Me!" What can you expect? Even we are unsure what those lovable scoundrels have up their sleeves.


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