RuffleCon 2016 Open Staff Positions: Consignment, Media and Fashion Show

RuffleCon 2016 staff has been filling up majestically! We’re excited to see such a large number of old friends returning, and are looking forward to getting to know all the new faces who are joining the ranks as well. Our Personnel Director is pleased to announce that almost all of our 2016 conference staff positions have been filled! We’re still taking applications in case we need understudies or backups (life happens, after all), but there are still three staff roles for which we have not yet found qualified candidates. If you have a passion for videography, fast-paced retail experience, or a background as a fashion show coordinator, please read below to learn more about our unfilled staff positions for 2016’s alternative fashion conference.


Consignment Staff- Brand Expert

Reports to: Consignment Manager

This position is responsible for all tasks associated with the Consignment Staff role - this includes performing intake and outtake for consigned items, checking out buyers, helping the Consignment Manager however they need, and assisting with setting up before the con and breaking down on Sunday. For this role, however, we’re also looking for someone who can assist our staffers who aren’t knowledgeable on various alternative fashion brands/designers, as our staff is made up both of fashion enthusiasts and experts from other communities. For this reason, we need someone who has been an active participant in the alt fashion world for a rather long time, preferably more than three years. This person is ideally well-versed in multiple styles, especially lolita (as our Consignment room seems to get the most traffic from our lolita attendees) but also various J-fashion styles, Gothic, Steampunk, etc.

In addition to brand awareness, qualified candidates must also have documented retail and customer service experience, preferably in a fast-paced sales capacity. Consignment can be a very hectic place, moreso than any other at the conference, so we need someone who is cool under pressure and has experience providing sparkling customer service in such environments.


Fashion Show Manager

Reports to: Operations Director

The Fashion Show Manager works before, during, and after the conference to put together our most-attended main event. This involves working with our Main Events and Guest Relations departments to ensure that all of our designers and models have everything they need to make the show run smoothly. It will also mean keeping designers and models on-track during show prep at the con, and managing a team of makeup/hair stylists in addition to general Fashion Show and Main Events Staff.

As is probably obvious, candidates for this role should be comfortable managing their own dedicated team on top of Main Events staffers who come by to help out between their own events. They must also be comfortable working with staffers outside of their department, special guests/designers, and models. They should have a level of comfort with delegating tasks to their staffers and an ability to stay cool under pressure. Previous event management or coordination experience, preferably on a large scale, is mandatory for this role. Experience with general management of small teams up to 5-10 people is ideal.


Videography Staff

Reports to: Videography Coordinator/Media Manager

This position is great for anyone who is enthusiastic about film, whether a film student or professional videographer. Responsibilities will include working with the Videography Coordinator to ensure that all main events have coverage, while also providing candid or behind-the-scenes video around the con as well. The ideal candidate will be comfortable behind the camera and understand the basics of film composition. They will be able to take direction from their managers/coordinators, but also show independence to fill their own time shooting around the con as necessary. An ability to work one-on-one with attendees and guests, as well as the ability to unobtrusively document the goings-on of the conference without inconveniencing staff or attendees, are both mandatory.

Please note that in order to be considered for this role, you must supply your own videography equipment. If you do not own your own camera and all necessary accessories, we unfortunately will not be able to accept your application. To that end, please specify the equipment you would be able to bring in your application.

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