RuffleCon 2016: In The Midnight Garden

RuffleCon is proud to announce our official theme for 2016: In The Midnight Garden!

The Midnight Garden is a place where fairies hold court, witches haunt the woods, mermaids bathe in the starlight, and exotic flowers bloom in the light of the full moon. Fairy lights, evening primrose, moon flowers, the distant hum of katydids and crickets, and the deep bass notes of wood smoke from a nearby fire. The stories of such fancies will be told across the conference, and through some of our newest events. Our exclusive Pool Party, The Evening Soiree, and Sunday Tea will help weave our Members a new tale of merriment and wonder.

Curious about some of our newest events? We hoped so.

Pool Party:
Slip out in the cover of night wearing your finest seal skin and join RuffleCon for our first Selkie Swim! After the pool has been closed to the public, RuffleCon will be opening it back up exclusively for our members. The cover entrance fee at the door enters you into a raffle with grand prizes TBA. The Selkie Swim is first-come first-served until we reach capacity so be sure to pack your finest swimwear, and come ready to take a late-night dip in style!

The Evening Soiree:
Mix and mingle in your fanciest dress in the garden of Moonlight Merriment. A live music ensemble will serenade all of our elegantly attired guests who are encouraged to kick up their heels and join the revelry. For our 21+ guests, we will be moving a remote bar down to the soiree for a selection of delicious refreshments. Don’t miss this opportunity dance the night away!

We hope you enjoy your trip through The Midnight Garden for RuffleCon 2016. There is sure to be something for everyone, and enough tales to tell for years to come.


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