RuffleCon 2016: Cloudberry Lady


We are thrilled to welcome back our latest guest, Cloudberry Lady! Owner and Designer Tuulia Lautamaja will be making her grand return, with a whole new collection of amazing, mysterious, and magical design to showcase for 2016.

Cloudberry Lady was founded in the spring of 2009, and Tuulia has been a force to be reckoned with ever since, showing and selling her designs all over the world! The Finnish brand showcases unique lolita garments and headwear, with a flair for ethereal styling.

Tuulia will be featured in our brand new Couture Showcase (which you’ll learn more about soon, so stay tuned!) and is excited to show everyone her latest work.

Cloudberry Lady, 2016.

Cloudberry Lady, 2016.

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