RuffleCon 2016: Blackbird Finery

BBF_logo RuffleCon is proud to welcome our latest guest for 2016: Blackbird Finery! The always dapper and insanely knowledgeable Jason R. Merrill will be imparting the finer points of Victorian menswear and geek style to our members all weekend long!

When asked to describe Jason R. Merrill, the word “dapper” is the inevitable answer. After having Victorian style clothing made for his wedding in 1999, he embraced his inner peacock and hasn’t looked back. Jason started Blackbird Finery in 2013, providing vintage and reproduction Gentlemen’s Accessories to a modern audience. He has been a presenter at Frill, Anachrocon and Dragon Con on matters of vintage style and etiquette. A fixture of the Atlanta convention scene for over 30 years, he is currently one of the Administrators for Anime Weekend Atlanta. Among the events he has run at AWA are the Formal Ball, the various tea parties, and the Bebop Lounge (their 50’s Jazz Club night).
Ascot Tying at Frill

Jason has a number of wonderful panels planned. They include Vintage Accessories for the Modern Gentleperson, Geek Style in Everyday Life and a couple more we refuse to spoil just yet.

Want to know more about Blackbird Finery? Check them out here

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