RuffleCon 2015 Room Block Open

We have just released the room block reservation website to the public. Our location page goes more into detail regarding costs as well as perks you get for being under the RuffleCon room block. We were able to reduce the cost of the rooms and get you more perks!

One thing we addressed was the issue of the guest rooms going up in cost as you added more people to the room. This year, we have a flat rate for single, double, triple, and quad rooms available, and the rate will not change as you add more people to the room.

The Sheraton also offers a unique service called the "Club", which gets you some perks within their specific hotel. More information regarding that can be found on our Location page as well. Please note that these services are managed by the hotel, and not by RuffleCon staff.

If the room block fills up and you are unable to get a reservation, please let us know! We increased the room block substantially this year to better anticipate the attendees, but we were still conservative. Just comment below or send us an email if something isn't working out.

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