RuffleCon 2015: Platform One Performs

We are proud to announce that Platform One will be coming back for RuffleCon 2015! They bring the goth goodness to the stage and get the audience dancing. This year, we are able to have them perform two shows this year, one on Friday and one on Saturday! We heard how much you loved them last year and have delivered more Platform One for you to enjoy!

V. Nigel Taylor will also be back as our favorite Master of Ceremonies during select Main Events. We're excited to have them back for another round of RuffleCon fun!


Platform One is a band of highly energetic musicians who bring together danceable beats, well thought out lyrics and an appeal that crosses several genres. Their music
is a combination of pop, gothic, and alternative with a side of oontz. They meld their influence of 80's alternative music with European synthpop.They've spent the last few years playing festivals and conventions, from anime to steampunk, all over the Northeast with forays to the West Coast and New Orleans.

Platform One are:
V. Nigel Taylor
Daniel Gill
Allison Lahikainen

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