RuffleCon 2015 Model Applications Now Open

fashion_188The Fashion Show is the main attraction of RuffleCon and the heartbeat of the conference. Are you ready to be a part of the excitement? If you love being on stage dressed in luxurious, beautiful clothing, then our Model Application is just for you! Our model application will be open until September 30th, and as applications are received, we will send them out to our designers that are involved. As they are approved, we will notify accepted models immediately.

Please note that all the decision making process involving models are NOT made by our RuffleCon staff, and are solely made by the designers themselves. We provide the avenue to connect with our attendees for models, but we do not advocate or deter any application that comes through.

If you are pre-registered, you have a higher chance of being selected. Being pre-registered provides a security to our designers knowing that there is a much higher chance of you being at the conference the day of the show. Also, there are a couple of items that will help your chances as well if you have them:

  • A petticoat (non-applicable for male applicants)
  • Shoes and/or boots that fit within the alternative fashion aethestic
  • Foundation matching your skin tone, eye liner, and mascara (foundation applicable to male applicants as well!)

Make sure you identify specifically which items you have (including a description of the items where applicable such as color) to help your odds!

Another important part of the application is your photos. Be sure they are publicly accessible links that end in either .jpg, .png, or .gif! You do not need to submit professional photos; just take your photos with your cell phone in good lighting and you'll be all set to go! Designers want to see the base they are working with, so please refrain from wearing makeup or more than a light layer of clothing.

Ready to go? Apply today!


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