RuffleCon 2015: Kimura U Showcasing

RuffleCon is proud to announce Kimura U will be coming to RuffleCon 2015! She will be showcasing her brand, KOKOkim during our fashion show, as well as vending in our Marketplace.

Want to meet Kimura U in person? Look out for our schedule where you will be able to say hello and get an autograph!

We are excited to have such a personality and talent bringing some cute and sweet J-fashion to our conference!


Kimura U has sent a special YouTube video to say hello to her RuffleCon fans!

Kimura U

While being active both as the fashion model for Harajuku style magazines such as KERA and as the creator/artists of such fashion culture, Kimura U’s talent attracted the attention of the government.  In 2009, she was officially appointed by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs as “Kawaii Ambassador” with a mission to represent the pop-cultures of Japan to the world. She is also considered the most pinkest creator of the world.

In 2013, Kimura U launched her original brand, KOKOkim.  KOKOkim takes its cue from the colorful and vibrant world of Japanese anime, and the richly nuanced fashion culture of Tokyo’s Harajuku district. She created something not cosplay, but something that people can wear every day and still relate to the anime culture.  The brand maintains a store at the famed Shibuya 109 mall and recently opened a store in Harajuku in the Takeshita Street Shop.  The brand’s style concept is described as “MoeHara,” or “Moeru Harajuku,” which refers to the adoration of Harajuku.

In 2014, she had her first overseas fashion show at AnimeExpo in Los Angeles, CA, and also attended East Coast’s AnimeNEXT in New Jersey, NY.  In 2015, she was invited back to AnimeExpo as a guest model to participate in the 40th Anniversary My Melody Fashion Show.

She’s the nationally approved star of Japanese pop culture and her influence to the world will not stop!

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