RuffleCon 2015 - GO!

We're back! RuffleCon 2015 will be held on October 2nd - 4th, 2015 at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel located in Stamford, CT. Last year was a success, and this year, we've taken your feedback and plan on creating an even better experience!

What exactly has changed? We have some of the major points listed out below:

  1. We changed our location. To better the experience of our merchants in their own ballroom away from main events, to give a better layout to help everyone figure out where they need to go, to offer better pricing on accommodations, for a shorter walk from the train station, to hold more attendees, for better lighting for your photos, and much, much more - we have moved! While we loved the ambiance of the Omni Hotel, there were a lot of things that we physically could not change about the place itself. The only solution was to go to a new place with more space to spread out!
  2. We extended the conference to a 3-day weekend. You asked for the longer weekend, and you shall receive! We were conservative for our first year and wanted to see how it would go. The turnout was fantastic for a first year and the biggest request was to provide more content. By adding in the third day, we can jam in all that content you've been asking for!
  3. We've increased the amount of passes available for our VIPs and High Tea. Both of these options sold out very quickly last year. We are still keeping the number low, but we increased the amount slightly to match our growing numbers.
  4. We're adding more events - in particular, events that cater to the gentlemen. Last year, almost every man came up to us saying how much they enjoyed the event, but with ideas to make the event cater to more than just the feminine side of things.
  5. We're expanding our staff. We ran on a core minimum last year, and are looking for talented people to help fill out the ranks so we can operate for our attendees much better! The game plan is to double the staff. Want to be a part of it? Apply today!

This is just a brief summary of what we're doing this year; there is a lot more to this list that gets into more of the details. We wanted to let you know as an attendee that we heard you loud and clear, and are implementing suggestions that are feasible and will add to the attendee experience.

If there is something in particular you really want to happen in 2015 - now is the time to ask! Send us a message through our contact form and we will go over your idea with our team.

Our staff is back on the horse, so if you have sent an email to us during our off-season, please be patient as your mail is routed to the right department and addressed.

Thank you for your support and we are excited to bring you all the excitement and news about RuffleCon 2015! Get your countdowns ready!

  • KomugiStyle

    <3 so excited for this to happen! Thanks all who made this possible. Last year was a lot of fun!

  • WhyThis

    Why do you have to cater to men though? Why can't there be a con that's a space for women? It's a lolita fashion convention. Dudes have a thousand other conventions to go to where they can have a good time.

    • Not All Men--

      I'm not a member of the staff or organizers, but let's remember that it's not only a lolita convention but a general alternative fashion convention as well. This includes mainly steampunk, but also ouji/kodona, which are inclusive of masculine styles. And beyond that, men also wear lolita? Even within the panels dealing with feminism, I recall seeing a man or two, as well as gender non-conforming people.
      Even though it's a convention largely oriented around -feminine-, that doesn't mean it's only for -women-. I'm all good with making everyone comfortable and not feeling excluded! I don't think I'd call that 'catering to men'.

      And I say this as someone who's generally feminist as hell, tbh.

    • Akai Otinashi

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Rufflecon was an alternative fashion convention which includes more than lolita, though lolita wears make up the bulk of the attendees. That said, there are also men and others that wear lolita and alternative fashions. It seems reasonable to have activities for ALL to enjoy, because Rufflecon was never advertised as a con that's specifically for woman. If anything, there should be more gender neutral activities so everyone's happy. I personally don't see the issue with it.

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