RuffleCon 2015: Dr. Yuniya Kawamura Presents


We are happy to announce the involvement of Dr. Yuniya Kawamura at RuffleCon 2015. She has done extensive academic work on alternative fashion, in particular those within the Japanese subcultures. She will be providing programming during our conference going over her work and giving presentations on youth subcultures.

Yuniya Kawamura is professor of sociology at the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) in New York. She teaches courses on “Clothing and Society” and “Youth Subculture, Identity, and Fashion” among many others. She is the author of Fashioning Japanese Subcultures (Bloomsbury 2012) which looks at various youth subcultures found in different districts of Tokyo, and it is based on her in-depth ethnographical fieldwork.

She has published a number of books on fashion and sociology. Her current research interests include youth subcultures around the world and the global Lolita communities. She earned her PhD in sociology from Columbia University.

Her books are found on Amazon.

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