RuffleCon 2015: Cloudberry Lady Presents

We are proud to announce the United States debut of Cloudberry Lady to RuffleCon 2015!

She will be showcasing during our fashion show and selling merchandise in our Marketplace.

Be sure to look out for her in programming as well and give her a friendly American, "Hello!".


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Cloudberry Lady is a Finnish lolita fashion label specialized in both Millinery and Dress making. The brand also provides made to order leather shoes designed for lolita fashion! Cloudberry Lady is best known for their unique designs and high quality products which are all, including the shoes, handmade in Finland!

The owner and designer of the brand, Tuulia Lautamaja created Cloudberry Lady in the spring of 2009. The brand has gone far since then! You may know this brand from their original The Bat shoes or by their renaissance inspired outfit worn by Midori Fukasawa! Or perhaps you have seen their hats and bonnets on your trip to Tokyo at the ATELIER PIERROT store?

We are really excited to attend RuffleCon which is our first event in USA! We have great plans for our fashion show and can't wait to meet everyone during the convention!

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