RuffleCon 2015: Citizens of Antiford

We are proud to announce that the Citizens of Antiford will be delivering a plethora of content to RuffleCon 2015 as special guests.

We are incredibly happy to have them on board as they make the RuffleCon experience, in particular for our Steampunk fans, extremely enjoyable.

They will be providing a lot of content as well as having a table in our Marketplace. We are thrilled to have them attending as guests this year.


Citizens Flag

The Citizens of Antiford is a steampunk community fostering creativity through a shared fictional world. The community expresses itself via cosplay, prop making, video, and especially via collaborative fiction as the library of over 100 stories will attest. Their website is a social media and story writing platform for members to create and visitors to enjoy and, if interested, join the community.

They have also created a fun announcement video about their adventures at RuffleCon that you can find below. Enjoy!

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