RuffleCon Collaborates with RAINN to Reach Out to the Community

For the last few years, RAINN's mission has been critical to the RuffleCon community. By including RAINN's message of awareness and safety to prevent and respond to sexual assault, our message of an inclusive, safe environment is amplified with outlets in case something goes wrong. Everyone needs a place they can rely on in times of serious need. We recognize our attendees come from all different walks of life. We want to be supportive to each and every one of our attendees, no matter your history or experience.

No Tolerance Policy Signage

Around our conference, we have posters reminding our attendees of our strict no tolerance policy for any kind of harassment. We take these issues seriously, and have a formal process to investigating allegations presented by our attendees. We keep your identity confidential and work alongside hotel staff and law enforcement as necessary to come to a solution where everyone comes out safe. This work is handled by our volunteer staff, and worked on day and night until a resolution is met. We work in a way that promotes safety while keeping the space open to all who follow our basic guidelines for no-hate policy. It is clear in our poster's message below.

RuffleCon RAINN No Hate PosterAlong with our posters, there is information regarding RAINN and contact information for the National Sexual Assault Hotline. The confidential hotline is available 24/7. You can get information on how to manage your situation as well as resources to that may provide ongoing support. We work hard to promote a safe space for all attendees. Part of this effort is encouraging anyone in need of support to reach out directly to RAINN. The hotline number is 800-656-HOPE (4673). Not a phone person? You can chat directly with a RAINN hotline staff member at

We hope this ongoing collaboration is something all of our attendees can utilize in their time of need. Helping at least one person makes this effort worth it.

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