Press Release: RuffleCon 2015 Comes to Stamford, CT


STAMFORD, CONN., Aug. 25, 2015 - A home for alternative fashion is coming to the East Coast. RuffleCon, the alternative fashion conference, is coming to the fashion-forward in Stamford, Conn., for a three-day celebration of all fashion styles from New York to Tokyo. From Gothic Lolita to Fairy Kei, Steampunk to Western Goth, friends and fans of styles can meet a robust roster of japanese and American designers, take in musical acts Rasputina, Psyche Corporation and PlatformOne, shop for new clothes and accessories and learn about the nuances of alternative fashion from the panels and workshops hosted by field experts.

“We have created a really special space for over-the-top styles, of all kinds,” said Nancy Ramos, public relations manager with RuffleCon. “If your style is known to turn heads on the street? You will have a home here.”

Attendees range from fans of Victorian and Edwardian period clothing to street-fashionistas with an eye turned towards what’s cute and trendy. Japanese designers Triple Fortune and Kimura U appeal to followers of Gothic Lolita fashion, with contemporary brands As They Sew in France and Redfield Designs showcasing historical couture and intricate steampunk designs. Simplicity will also be a sponsor at RuffleCon, for those who make, pattern and sew their own unique styles.

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend the Masquerade Ball and the always-elegant High Tea, or to meet the creative minds behind some of fashion’s most daring movements. RuffleCon is open to attendees from Friday, Oct. 2, 2015 to Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015. To purchase tickets, attendeess can go to their website,, to get started.

Who: RuffleCon 2015
What: An alternative fashion convention showcasing Gothic Lolita, Steampunk, periodic and otherwise elegant and cute street fashions

When: Oct. 2, 2015 - Oct 4, 2015
Where: Stamford, Conn., at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel



Primbows, LLC is focused on the advancement, development, educational push and positive reenforcement of the alternative and unique fashion world through informative and engaging events, presentations and interactive opportunities. It is the driving force behind RuffleCon, the annual alternative fashion conference for elegant and cute alternative fashions around the world.


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