Post RuffleCon 2014 - Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who came and made RuffleCon a success! We appreciate all of the feedback we have received, especially all the great suggestions for what you want to see next year, and cannot wait to get started. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You have reminded us through all of this hard work why this conference is worth having, and how very much needed it is for our alternative fashion community.

At this point in time, all matters regarding RuffleCon 2014 have been settled. If you have an unresolved situation with any of our departments, please use our contact form ASAP, which goes directly to our account. Our info@ account will be the only e-mail account monitored until 2015.

For those who were unable to let us know your thoughts about RuffleCon, each attendee has received a survey to their email address that they registered with (it was sent out this morning). Please double check your spam folder! If you miss the email, please feel free use our contact form and pick the subject regarding feedback for RuffleCon 2014.

We have received a lot of great feedback so far, and continue to encourage people to submit their feedback. There are two major points we'd like to address!

  1. We have already made the decision to use a different A/V company to handle our needs in terms of Main Events, as many things that occurred were things out of our control, including lighting and sound issues. We are currently looking into several suggestions - if you know or are part of a company that would be interested in an event like this, please let us know!
  2. As for more variety, please, please, PLEASE - if you know of people, designers, groups, etc. that you want to see at RuffleCon 2015, let us know! This year, we utilized connections that our staff had. We also had a hard time getting people involved since it was our first year, so we are hoping that now we have had a successful first year that our second year will be more open to opportunities.

For those asking about next year information, we will post that information in early 2015, including opening applications for open positions on staff.

Again, thank you. We love you all. See you next year!

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