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If you were looking to get important updates direct to your email regarding RuffleCon, Primbows, and our events, sign up today for our email newsletter. We promise we will not spam you. We do not send an email out for every social media or blog update that we do. We do, however, save our email blasts for important updates, or cumulative information once a month with the updates we have sent out. This is a great alternative for those not interested in using social media as an update platform.

Alternatives to the Newsletter and Social Media

You can also get updates by signing up to our RSS feed for our blog. Are there specific topics you care about? You can subscribe to those categories specifically as well with your favorite reader tool. Simply add "/feed" to the end of a blog post listing. For example, if you just wanted to follow updates regarding registration, you can subscribe to the registration category RSS feed by using "" as your subscription URL. To subscribe to the main blog feed, use "".

Outside of that, checking our website every so often at your leisure is the last resort. We suggest subscribing to our newsletter, social media, or blog feeds to ensure you get updates in a timely manner.

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