Mossbadger to Present and Showcase at RuffleCon 2017

Mossbadger Editorial Photo with Logo

A returning favorite, American Lolita brand Mossbadger has magical tricks up their sleeves and spooky delights for the runway.  A dark mysterious vibe fits in with RuffleCon's theme for this year, and Mossbadger's style fits right in. They demonstrate such a talent for mixing different tastes and styles that it is like Fashion Alchemy! Featured on runways across the United States as well as internationally, the know how to put on a fantastic show. You can always expect high quality, couture clothing when it comes to this designer. Returning to our programming line-up, they want to share their designer talents with the world by presenting several informative panels over the weekend.
In a magical twist, they also have a secret brewing to celebrate this year’s theme of Institute Fashion Alchemy. In one of our new Premium Fashion Show spotlights, Mossbadger will be debuting an exclusive line during our RuffleCon weekend! If you have loved their work in the past, be sure to keep checking our latest news to find out more details about this special, exclusive release.

Mossbadger LogoLearn More About Mossbadger and Their Fashion Inspirations

Mossbadger produces limited edition handmade garments and accessories. Our custom print fabric designs are influenced by symbology, folklore, history and magic, and we specialize in silhouettes based on Japanese street fashion and vintage anglophilia.


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