Morrigan NYC Exclusive Promotions at RuffleCon 2014

Morrigan NYC will be providing the following exclusive promotions at RuffleCon 2014! You will not be able to access these deals outside of our conference weekend!


First, Morrigan NYC will be releasing a brand new print at RuffleCon 2014! They will be accepting pre-orders starting this Saturday, October 4th at their booth in the Marketplace. Professional samples will be available for people to view at their booth as well. It's an opportunity for customers to see the new items in person before ordering, directly from the sample room!


Second, the Morrigan whale bags will be available for a special, discounted price in person at the con -- but nowhere else! They will remain at their regular price on the website.

We are excited to offer these deals to our attendees via Morrigan NYC!

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