Consignment Room

Have a piece you’ve (gently) loved, but decided to part ways with? The Consignment Room is the place to go. Bring any used pieces which are in good condition and let us sell them for you; alternatively, if you’re looking for a great deal on some new threads, come mine some wardrobe gold! The Consignment Room will be constantly monitored by a member of the Ruffle Court and some volunteers, and will be open all weekend. As part of their perk package, VIP members will be admitted to the Consignment Room as well as the Marketplace before the rest of the conference attendees.

Consignment Room General Guidelines

  • Any garments which you would like to sell for consignment must be submitted only during Intake periods. It is best to submit goods as early as you can, so that they can be out for as much of the weekend as possible.
  • As a fee, RuffleCon is entitled to 20% of each transaction. Also, per Connecticut law, each transaction will have a 6.35% tax applied to it. If your item does not sell, we will not take any fees or taxes. An example of an order is below so you have a clear idea of what you will receive and what as a buyer to expect when purchasing from the Consignment Room.
    1 blouse = $20 USD
    1 skirt = $30 USD
    Transaction total = $50 USD
    Plus tax = $53.18 USD
    The buyer pays $53.18 USD for the order.
    RuffleCon receives $10.00 USD (this is taken BEFORE tax)
    The seller receives $40.00 USD
    The state of Connecticut receives $3.18 USD
  • Consignment repayment to people who sell items will be exclusively conducted through Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, you will be required to create one before your goods will be accepted.
  • Sellers will be responsible for researching and properly pricing their own garments. RuffleCon staff and volunteers will tag and hang everything, but determining a price and ensuring that your garments are worth it is the seller’s responsibility.
  • Sellers are responsible for cleaning garments before submitting them.
  • Sellers can check in at any time throughout the weekend to collect their remaining garments; however, we recommend that garments be left for as long as possible to have the highest chance of selling.
  • Sellers can change the price of a garment once per garment over the course of the weekend. We recommend checking back on Saturday or Sunday morning and reevaluating the price of any remaining garments.
  • Unsold garments must be collected by end of conference Sunday. RuffleCon is not responsible for garments which are left in the Consignment Room after the conference has ended.
  • Haggling in the Consignment Room is not acceptable. The price on the tag is the only one the seller will accept. Sellers are allowed to change their prices once per garment over the course of the weekend, though, so feel free to check back and see what has not yet sold!
  • Repayments to sellers will be completed and sent within 30 days after the conclusion of the conference.

Consignment Room Item Guidelines

  • Please note that RuffleCon staff have the authority to reject any items they deem not appropriate for the Consignment Room for any reason.
  • Our intake form indicates ten items per sheet. If you wish to bring in more than ten items, please simply use additional forms.
  • Clothing of any style will be considered, as long as it features an elegant and cute aesthetic. Feel free to submit J-fashion, gothic, steampunk, Victorian, historical, or pieces related to alternative fashion.
  • Items can be in any condition. We just ask that items be in wearable condition. For example, an item can have a hole or a rip that can be fixed with some sewing help, but if the item is torn to shreds and is unable to be fixed, we won't be able to accept it.
  • Types of items we will accept: shirts, blouses, jackets, coats, boleros, vests, scarves, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, socks, tights, hats, head pieces, accessories larger than the palm of your hand, bags, wigs (in general, any items you can physically wear outside of the items listed in our "not accepted" list)
  • Types of items we will not accept: extremely fragile items, jewelry, severely damaged items that would make them unable to wear as-is, unfinished pieces or parts of items,  items not related to clothing (stationary, pillows, blankets, things to put clothing pieces on like racks or stands, etc.)
  • If you are bringing in items as a set and you do not wish to sell them separately, please include them on as a single item line on your intake form. If you are willing to sell them separately, please add them each on an individual line.
  • Replicas will not be accepted. Pieces which resemble the construction or design of those created by large brands may be considered, but items which feature replicas of prints will be refused. This is largely to do with legal issues, and not necessarily a reflection of the opinions of the Ruffle Court.
  • Remote consignment items will not be accepted. Only in-person consigned items will be accepted.

Intake Consignment Room Forms

All intake is done online at our members website at If the intake is not done online, self-service computer stations will be available at conference to do so. We are no longer doing paper intake forms.

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