IndieGoGo Campaign is Now Live! Support RuffleCon!

Do you want RuffleCon to have even bigger and better guests? Larger and grander events? Help us out by supporting our IndieGoGo campaign! Supporting our campaign lets us know that you want RuffleCon to be here for the long haul, and that you want something like this to exist as much as we do!

RuffleCon cannot exist without attendees and fans to back it up. It is your chance to say yes to our conference!

More Lolita fashion, more Steampunk, more Aristocrat, more Gothic – we know you want these fashions to have a place to go, a place where panels just for us can be presented that we do not need to hope that a larger non-fashion related convention will support. We can take charge of our alternate fashion sub-cultures and bring the big names in our communities overseas here to the Northeast USA with your help.

Donate today, and watch our IndieGoGo campaign video below!

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