Guest Announcement 2014: Platform One


We have another fantastic guest for RuffleCon 2014 that will be sure to get you moving and shaking - Platform One! They will be performing Saturday night as well as DJ'ing, and Nigel will be our Master of Ceremonies for main events. You will be able to purchase their CDs and merchandise direct from them in our Marketplace, as well as meet the band.

Platform One is not your mother’s pop music. 80s flair meets 21st century beats in a high-energy combination of synthpop and darkwave. With a home base in New York, members, V. Nigel Taylor (vocals), Daniel Gill (keyboards) and Allison Lahikainen (drums) are most commonly mistaken for Depeche Mode, only with more eyeliner.

Keep an eye out for the schedule this summer to find out when exactly they are performing!

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