Guest Announcement 2014: Morrigan NYC Comes to RuffleCon

morrigan-nyc-headshotWe are happy to announce Morrigan NYC as a guest for RuffleCon 2014! The line will be shown during our fashion show, her items will be available in the Marketplace, and designer behind Morrigan NYC Zoh Raven will be part of a few panels during the weekend where you can meet and greet.

Morrigan New York is a small design studio located in Brooklyn, New York, representing a collaboration between a network of illustrators, artists, craftspeople, and fashion designers. We produce clothing in small quantities, working exclusively with skilled tradespeople in high quality construction workshops. Our products are 100% sweatshop free, and predominately manufactured locally in New York City's famous garment district.

Lead designer Zoh Raven takes inspiration from antique tailoring techniques, the subtle combination of natural fabrics and modern materials, and themes of nineteenth century literature, Gothic music and culture, Indo-European mythology, and the occult.

Keep an eye out for her panels on the schedule and her designs on the runway and in the Marketplace!


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