Guest Announcement 2014: Kathryn Paterwic of Redfield Designs

head-shot-webWe are happy to announce the involvement of Kathryn Paterwic of Redfield Designs for RuffleCon 2014!  Her Steampunk designs are sure to delight when they grace our runway at the Fashion Show! You can also check her out during the conference in the Marketplace and during events throughout the weekend.

Redfield has been seen on New England runways for several years and has become a staple of the Steampunk Community in the North East, including being the featured designer for Teslacon 2013. Redfield has a striking and colorful esthetic, which focuses on a more personal and unique style of steampunk. She strives to create individual works for clients that add to the diversity of design within the community. She has been published in many books and magazines, including a spread in the book Anatomy of Steampunk as well as 1000 Cosplay Creations and Cloud Orchid Magazine. She has spoken to many seamstresses from novice to experienced, including being asked to be a guest Speaker for the Costumers Association of America.

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