Guest Announcement 2014: Designer of Enchantlic Enchantilly, Fumiko Kawamura

We are proud to officially announce a special guest for RuffleCon 2014 - Designer of Enchantlic Enchantilly (fka Chantilly), Fumiko Kawamura. Her brand will be part of the major brand fashion show, you will be able to buy directly from their booth in our Marketplace area, and Fumiko Kawamura will be one of our honored guests at our High Tea event.





Brand History~"Enchantlic Enchantilly"
Previously known as "Chantilly" in 2012, the brand has evolved to a new brand "Enchantlic Enchantilly". The concept of the clothes making are the cuteness, relaxing size fit, and to make you feel fun! Also all the clothes has its original textile which has its history.

Fumiko Kawamura (Designer)
Fumiko Kawamura is the designer of the Gothic Classical Lolita Fashion Brand, "Enchantlic Enchantilly". Announced the design which has its unique concept. Inside the cuteness, there is the elegant and gothic part in each line. Not only in Japan, but there is fans all around the world.
She has attended Japanese culture events all over the world.

Fumiko Kawamura is looking forward to meeting everybody in October, 2014!


You can meet Fumiko Kawamura in person during our High Tea event! We have very few tickets for that event left, be sure to purchase them today to get your opportunity!

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