Get Exposure for Your Brand Through RuffleCon by Sponsoring

We have added several new tiers of sponsorship that you can take advantage of to boost visibility of your brand to our exclusive group of alternative fashion loving RuffleCon attendees.

We offer two new forms of sponsorship - Event and Room Sponsors. During an event or throughout the weekend in a specific room, your brand will be showcased as the "Presented By" sponsor for that event or room. This does two things for your brand:

  1. It tells our attendees that you support the alternative fashion community and want to see it grow here locally.
  2. It gives you prime access to hundreds of alternative-minded people to get visibility on your brand.

The price range varies depending on the size of the event or room, so it can be affordable for anyone! If you want to sponsor us through goods equal to the value of the sponsorship (say, to put items in our VIP bags for further reach), that is something that can be done as well.

Want to sponsor? Have questions or concerns? Contact us today and choose the subject "Advertising & Sponsorship" to get the conversation started!

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