Fighting Complicate Rangers Aaccess to Gorillas, In DRC

Fighting in the northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo has prevented many locals from taking trips to Virunga National Park, which is the major attraction of the region. The violence has also killed and reduced the number of gorillas in Virunga National Park.

A local conservation organization hosted an event on International Day for the Gorilla, inviting teenagers living near the Virunga National Park. The ongoing Civil War that has ensued between the M23 and Government Forces has impeded rangers’ access to a remote section of Virunga National Park, an area known for its gorilla habitat.

The director of Gorilla Ambassadors, much-admired Alain MUKIRANYA, decided that it would be right to continue the children’s research because it represented the future of the inscriptions that were being conserved and preserved.

To protect the gorillas, I’ll make an announcement among my fellow workers and encourage them to not hunt the gorillas, that it is forbidden to cut trees, and that the younger Munyampamira Guylain is at Kalangala Institute in Kibumba.

The critically endangered mountain gorillas in the Republic of Congo continue to be endangered by poaching, deforestation, and war. The international Gorilla Day is celebrated in the month of September.

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