Fashion Show Takes On a New Format for RuffleCon 2017

The Fashion Show at RuffleCon has always been the heartbeat driving the conference forward over the last three years. This year we are going to make it stronger and better than ever. The single large show is converting into smaller shows spread out across Friday and Saturday of the conference. This will help you make sure that you don't miss your favorite designers showcasing their latest collections, as well as will allow our designers more time to share their brands with you. This new longer-format fashion exposition will take the place of last year's "Design Contest" and "Fashion Show" events. We believe this will allow us to meet the needs of our fast growing conference, and to better highlight us as a fashion-focused event.

Fashion Show RuffleCon 2016 Triple Fortune Group Shot of Models

How the fashion show will work

Starting in the early afternoon and going into the evening, we will have a new show starting each hour, featuring brands paired to complement each other's styles. This will allow both smaller and larger brands to share the stage to show off their unique looks. With basic and premium, designers get to pick from two different categories while applying for a show slot. Applying for a premium spot will allow your brand first choice of the time slots when scheduling your show, first access to the model pool and preferred access to our hair and makeup artists. Premium slots begin at $200, while basic designer slots are always free. These tiers give our designers flexibility to choose the options that work best for their brand.

Designer applications will be open from May 15th to June 15th. All different alternative fashion styles as well as designers at various points in their fashion careers are welcome. Marketplace vendors have preference when making our decisions, so be sure to indicate that you applied for a spot if you did. When submitting your application, please ensure that you are providing as much information as you can about your brand and the line you plan to showcase, as we are looking to showcase a wide variety of styles. Slot preferences for shows will be taken into consideration for accepted designers on a first come, first serve basis, so make sure you get your application in early! Now is a great time to prepare.
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Models encouraged to get involved as well

Are you passionate about wearing beautiful clothing and would like to share in on the excitement of the fashion shows? Then we strongly encourage you to apply to be a model. Model applications will be opening over the summer and will be sent out to the accepted designers for our shows. As we get approvals back from the designers we will be notifying accepted models.

The designers make all decision making involving models; we are simply facilitating the process. We will not advocate or deter any application that will come through. More specific information regarding model applications will be made available close to the date of opening.

We look forward to the positive change this will bring to our conference and can't wait to see you there!

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