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Our venue hosts our annual membership conference. We occasionally need to send out updates regarding our hotel block as well as any venue updates for our members attending the event. They work hard to make sure our attendees are seeing the best of the best that we expect for our members. Providing a safe and welcoming environment is of the utmost priority.

RuffleCon 2017: Official Date Announcement and Hotel Block Open

Are you ready for another year of fun and adventure into the wonderful world of alternative fashion? RuffleCon 2017 is ready to gear up, and for our fourth year, we have a lot in store for our members! We have spent several months working hard on taking all the feedback from last year and morphing […]

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RuffleCon 2016: RuffleCon Signature Cocktails

If you attended RuffleCon 2015 (and were of legal drinking age) you may remember The Ruffle Royale, our insanely popular signature drink we concocted with the help of the wonderful mixologists at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel. As with all things RuffleCon 2016, we are aiming for bigger and better; and that means a larger selection […]

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RuffleCon 2016: Meal Plan

RuffleCon 2016 is less than 60 days away! Can you believe it? It’s sneaking up faster than you think, and we still have some fun surprises in store! That's including our insane lineup of guests, events, Tea Party, Pool Party, Fashion Show, amazing Sponsors and MUCH MUCH MORE, including our newest addition - the meal […]

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RuffleCon 2016: Hotel Block

We’re only 4 months away from RuffleCon 2016! ONLY 4 MONTHS. That means it’s time to get your travel plans settled, and one of the biggest things to do is book your hotel room! RuffleCon is returning to the lovely Sheraton Stamford Hotel located in Stamford Connecticut. The hotel is in close proximity to plenty of […]

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RuffleCon 2016: In The Midnight Garden

RuffleCon is proud to announce our official theme for 2016: In The Midnight Garden! The Midnight Garden is a place where fairies hold court, witches haunt the woods, mermaids bathe in the starlight, and exotic flowers bloom in the light of the full moon. Fairy lights, evening primrose, moon flowers, the distant hum of katydids […]

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RuffleCon 2015 Room Block Open

We have just released the room block reservation website to the public. Our location page goes more into detail regarding costs as well as perks you get for being under the RuffleCon room block. We were able to reduce the cost of the rooms and get you more perks! One thing we addressed was the […]

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RuffleCon 2015 - GO!

We're back! RuffleCon 2015 will be held on October 2nd - 4th, 2015 at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel located in Stamford, CT. Last year was a success, and this year, we've taken your feedback and plan on creating an even better experience! What exactly has changed? We have some of the major points listed out […]

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Post RuffleCon 2014 - Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who came and made RuffleCon a success! We appreciate all of the feedback we have received, especially all the great suggestions for what you want to see next year, and cannot wait to get started. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You have reminded us through all of this […]

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Answering Common Questions for RuffleCon 2014

Answering more questions we are getting as RuffleCon 2014 approaches! We accept cash and major credit cards at Registration, Consignment, and our Remote Sales booth. We do not accept checks or money orders. We cannot speak for individual vendors in the Marketplace as that's their choice as to what they will accept for transactions. To […]

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New Haven Restaurant Review: Pitaziki

Every since we got a Chipotle in town, New Haven restaurateurs have really been embracing the “build your own” business model. Though a handful of options in Downtown New Haven come to mind (Tikkaway is pretty popular with the local lolita crowd), the newest player on the scene is Pitaziki. The small, bright restaurant located […]

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