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Our consignment room is the place to take your gently used items for resale. What do you do when you want to resell your alternative fashion items? Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options in the United States. RuffleCon set out to solve this problem by providing a dedicated room for this during our annual conference event. Because of its success, we are setting up to take the consignment room to be available year-round. Continue to follow our Consignment Room news here for more information as it develops.

Thank You for RuffleCon 2016!

Thank you for participating and supporting RuffleCon 2016! We had a tremendous year with a lot of positives and very few negatives. It was a win across the board for our entire team. To all our dedicated, volunteer staff, we thank you for all your hard work! For all our attendees, vendors, guests, press, panelists, […]

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RuffleCon Online Members Area: A Tour

Our Members online area is open to the public. Here, depending on your membership level, you can register online and link up with your EventBrite registration. After doing so, you can check your form submission history, from vendor applications to contact form submissions. One of the most valuable resources for our consignors will be the […]

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Consignment Room Intake Forms Now Available

If you were considering bringing items in for the Consignment Room, you can make the process much faster for yourself by filling out our intake forms before you come to RuffleCon 2014! Those with fully, correctly completed forms will be able to bypass those who need to fill out forms when they get there. It […]

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