Blackbird Finery Presenting at RuffleCon 2017

Blackbird Finery was a welcome addition to our 2016 roster. He has come back to showcase his work in gentleman's accessories. Over the weekend, you can expect to see Jason running at least four different panels and/or workshops. Last year, his topics included being "dapper on a dime", replicating vintage wear in modern day fashion, and more. You can expect the same quality, informative, and intriguing panels this year from Jason. You will also be able to locate Jason within our Marketplace to purchase his accessories.

Jason is highly regarded for his knowledge base of vintage gentleman's wear. This makes him a great asset for any of our prospective attendees to pick his brain over the best way to accomplish the perfect look in that style. From formal wear to casual everyday, Jason can assist to resolve your inquiries to create the best coordinate.

Also, Jason is helping sponsor our event through prize giveaways and hosting one of our event rooms. Keep an eye out for more information regarding where and how to win his items as we get closer to the conference!
Jason R. Merrill of Blackbird Finery

Blackbird Finery Official Biography

When asked to describe Jason R. Merrill, the word 'Dapper' is the inevitable answer. After having Victorian style clothing made for his wedding in 1999, he embraced his inner peacock and hasn’t looked back. Jason started Blackbird Finery in 2013, providing vintage and reproduction Gentleman’s Accessories to a modern audience. He has been a presenter at 221Bcon, Anachrocon, Frill, Dragon Con, RuffleCon, and Teslacon on matters of both vintage style and etiquette. Recently, he was able to act as a "Groom's Valet", helping the Groom's party get ready for a wedding. He also enjoys helping to run conventions, and has been known to throw a few Tea Parties and Formal Balls in his time.

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