Answering Common Questions for RuffleCon 2014

Answering more questions we are getting as RuffleCon 2014 approaches!

  1. We accept cash and major credit cards at Registration, Consignment, and our Remote Sales booth. We do not accept checks or money orders. We cannot speak for individual vendors in the Marketplace as that's their choice as to what they will accept for transactions. To be safe, bring cash!
  2. Please make sure your identification matches the name on your registered ticket. This identification must have a photo that bears your resemblance. If it does not, we will not be able to issue you a pass. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this! Please do not expect our Registration staff to make an exception for your situation. If you are concerned about your registration - use our contact form IMMEDIATELY (right now!) so that we can help you resolve the issue before the conference.
  3. Friday's registration period from 7pm - 10pm is ONLY for pre-registered attendees. If you are purchasing your pass at the conference, you must come at 8am on Saturday or Sunday to get your pass. No transactions will be done on Friday.
  4. You may only go to the consignment intake on Friday AFTER you obtain your pass, not before. Be sure to get your pass first before entering the consignment intake line. This means that only pre-registered attendees may utilize the consignment intake period on Friday.
  5. We do NOT accept consignment items remotely. You must be in person delivering your items during an intake period at the conference. If you send anything to our business address or to the hotel, we are not responsible for your items.
  6. Gothic Lolita Wigs will not have physical goods for sale in our Marketplace. They are, however, offering a 25% discount at RuffleCon for orders you place with them directly at their table. They are also hosting a giveaway during the conference for several wigs and lashes!
  7. The High Tea has been sold out for several months now - there are no more spots available. No tickets for the High Tea will be available at the conference.
  8. Any questions regarding the hotel in terms of parking/parking fees, hotel fees, making changes to your room, etc., you need to contact the hotel directly, not us - we cannot assist you with hotel specific issues. If you are wondering about certain amenities such as ATM, fitness options, etc., check out this page. To contact them, call 1-203-772-6664
  9. During the conference Saturday and Sunday, we will not be able to answer emails or contact via our website or social media. Please go to our staff room located in Crown for assistance. Any online correspondence will be answered after the conference has ended.

Have more questions? Check our FAQ page. Still can't find answers? Try our Rules and Regulations page. No luck? Contact us directly.

We will see you at the conference! 🙂

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