Theme for RuffleCon 2017: Institute of Fashion Alchemy

RuffleCon 2017 Theme: Institute of Fashion AlchemyHaving a theme is a fun concept that our staff enjoy coming up with every year for RuffleCon. This year, the new theme is the Institute of Fashion Alchemy, so this year will be focused around this idea for the rest of the membership year.

What is the Institute of Fashion Alchemy theme about?

Congratulations on your acceptance! Welcome to the Institute of Fashion Alchemy. Get your standard book of spells, grade 1 and your school supplies ready; because 2017 is a year of magic, conjuring, experiments and wonder. When style meets magic, anything is possible; therefore, prepare to become a fashion alchemist. Get ready to reach beyond.

A little bit of magic, a pinch of science, a heaping of hard work, and a ton of creativity - these are the things that make alternative fashion so special. This bewitching brew has given inspiration for this year's conference; hence, to take styles we love, and experiment with them. The idea of creating something from nothing, or to change things we already have into something totally new is how we weave our own enchantments and glamours.

Love this theme? Get ready for the opening day of membership registration.

Registration opens on March 6th, 2017 at 7:00pm EST. If this theme speaks to you, then be sure to be the first to get your hands on access to our annual conference when sales open.

We hope you will be inspired to embrace styles beyond the veil, to pull new ideas from the stars, to blend and brew and conjure new styles, coordinates, and couture. Most of all, are you ready to learn from your fellow classmates? Magical people abound at RuffleCon 2017!


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