Now Accepting Staff Applications for RuffleCon 2017

Staff Closeup Shot of SashThe staff structure has been reworked for the 2017 conference year. Our departments have been compartmentalized into 4 main categories - Financial, Operations, Marketing, and Talent. Within these larger directives, we have separated out several new roles, especially within our Marketing department. We also created a lot of openings for on-site roles directly in response to those who wanted to help out, but could only do so at the conference. We hope you can find something that excites you to join our happy staff.

Importantly, remember that some of our roles require work before the conference. While we do not meet in person before the conference weekend, we do have several video conferences over the internet (using Google Hangouts or Skype) to facilitate deeper conversations for larger decisions. Most of the communication is through our project management system and email. Some people prefer Facebook, but having a Facebook account is not required. A email address is required at the minimum.

What about all the staff perks?

Of course, volunteering as staff gets you some great insider info on the upcoming conference, as well as a lot of thank-yous in the form of sweet perks.

  • Free membership (for yourself) to RuffleCon.
  • Free hotel stay in a room shared with no more than three other members of the Court from Thursday night/Friday night to Sunday night/Monday morning of the convention weekend (depending on your role, not every staff member needs to be present Thursday and Monday).
  • Complimentary meals and snacks throughout the weekend
  • One free Ruffle Court staff sash or t-shirt depending on your department assignment (replacement sashes/t-shirts may be purchased at-cost).
  • Not required to wait in line for any events while off duty, as long as space is available.
  • Free entrance to our Court-only party after RuffleCon is complete (to celebrate everything we accomplished!).
  • Chance to earn staff merit badges for your hard work.
  • Ability to help your ideas come to life within RuffleCon!

We do have some base requirements for being on staff. For legal reasons, we need you to be at least 18 years old and a legal-to-work U.S. resident. To find out the other requirements, check out our staff application.

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