A Northeast USA Alternative Fashion Conference

Brought to you by enthusiasts who have been involved in the local community for decades, RuffleCon is an alternative fashion conference. We have been brought together by various sub-cultures, and subsequently have a commitment to creating an open, accepting space for the alternative style scene. As a result, we are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of learning and exploring within new and old fashions. Most of all, having fun doing so!

Our 2017 Conference

On November 10th to November 12th, 2017, we will hold our annual conference at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel.

Our Mission Statement

RuffleCon has the goal of being a quality annual conference focused on elegant and cute alternative style from all parts of the world, including but not limited to Japanese street fashion, historical fashion, and otherworldly style to help spread knowledge of alternative fashion through educational, entertaining, and mind-expanding panels, shows, and hands-on activities as well as direct access to international and local vendors, artists, and entities directly involved in the alternative fashion subcultures.

Style is the core of the event. Therefore, by bringing together multitudes of people in a central location, attendees are ready to consume the alternative fashion world. Become a sponsor if this sounds like the type of population market you want to get involved with, and you too can connect with all different kinds of groups and unique individuals, dressed to the nines.

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