The Ruffle Court work our bustles off every year to make sure the event we provide you with is the biggest and best yet! Scheduling is still on its way, but here are some events you’re definitely going to want to attend at this year’s conference:

  • Events featuring our special guests
  • A fashion show featuring alternative fashion designers from around the world
  • Panels and workshops about various aspects of alternative fashion and lifestyle
  • Live performances such as burlesque, bands, and other treats for the eyes

Fashion Show

At RuffleCon, the heart of the matter is the fashion – and what better way to celebrate that fashion then with a fashion show! Since RuffleCon is bursting with designers and brands, we will have a large fashion show with different designers from all walks of the alternative fashion scene.

Model Application

The following is for applying to be a model during our various fashion shows over the conference weekend for our designers. Please understand that all model approvals/denials are made by the designers themselves, and NOT RuffleCon staff. Applications meeting each designers’ requirements will be forwarded to the designers to choose from. Meeting all the requirements does not mean you are automatically approved.

Items that are commonly requested by our designers:

  1. Having already registered for RuffleCon
  2. Providing your own personal undergarments
  3. Shoes and/or boots that fit within the alternative fashion aesthetic
  4. Foundation matching your skin tone, eye liner, and mascara (applicable to all genders)

Having these items will increase your chances of being selected. Be sure to include what kind of items you have from this list in your application to help your odds. Further items may be requested by the designer once selected.

Additional Notes

  • All models must accept that there will be photography taken of them, and that this photography will become property of the designers and Primbows LLC. Photography of the models will be made available to them after the conference for their personal use.
  • All models must accept that participating in the fashion show and/or design contest is volunteer, and should not expect compensation in any form, although some may be provided at discretion of the designer.
  • Any models not accepted during the initial rounds by designers, but meeting requirements, will be waitlisted, and will be offered a spot in the show as positions are made available.

Model applications for the 2017 conference year will be made available shortly.


This list will be continually updated up to the conference. Please continue to check back as we update, or stay informed by following our blog or social media accounts!

If you are interested in being a part of the RuffleCon lineup, or for future RuffleCon conferences, please use our contact form with detailed information about yourself or your group.

Guest information for the 2017 conference year will be made available shortly.

Tea Party

Information regarding this event for 2017 will be made available shortly. Tea Party will be available to specific membership tiers and ticket winners from 2016 only, due to limited availability.

Special Events

Information regarding special events for 2017 will be made available shortly. In the meantime, please check out the list of previous special events we have held in past years of RuffleCon!

  • Beard and Mustache Contest
  • Coordinate Contest
  • Pool Party
  • Designer Contest
  • Evening Soiree
  • Masquerade Ball
  • Anti-High Tea Party

Panels & Workshops

RuffleCon is excited to offer a slew of fashion-related panels and workshops for enthusiasts of all denominations! Attendees will have the opportunity to see panels on a diverse range of topics, such as:

  • Q&A with our special guests
  • Hands-on activity instruction (bellydance, circus arts, ballroom dance, etc.)
  • Thread Room with instructive workshops and sewing specialists
  • And many others!

Be an Event Leader!

We’re hoping to offer panels for fans by fans, so we encourage our attendees to consider applying to be an Event Leader and run some panels with us. Though panelists will receive special Event Leader badges at no extra cost, they must still purchase a badge for conference attendance. However, those who are accepted for 3 or more panels or workshops will qualify to have a membership for the next year as thanks for their service to the conference; if you provide enough event hours, we’ll upgrade you to our coveted Deluxe Membership! To find out more benefits of being an Event Leader and to apply to host an event, check out our form below.

Wanted: Events for the Older Crowd!

We would be happy to accept applications for 21+ or 18+ panels and workshops, such as a vintage mixology workshop or a panel discussion of sexuality and alternative fashion. In fact, we encourage it! This is an all-ages event, and we are interested in offering events for a variety of age levels. If you would like to submit an event of this nature, please be sure to tick off the age restriction on your event application. This is also where you specify any special equipment you require for your panel, such as a projector, TV, etc.

Event Application

The heart of RuffleCon is its unique selection of events through performances, panels, and workshops specifically aimed at alternative fashions enthusiasts, from one fan to another! If you have a particular subject you’re an expert in and would like to share it with the world, we would love to have you host an event. If you’re an expert in many fields and are not sure exactly what we’re looking for, feel free to contact us and we’ll let you know how you can best put your knowledge to use.

So what are you waiting for? Send in your ideas today!

Important Note: Please be sure to include on your application only the minimum that you need in order to present your event, or to specifically note that certain requests are wanted, but not necessary. We take this into account while scheduling to see if we have the equipment available in order for you to successfully provide your event content.

Event applications for the 2017 conference year will be made available shortly.

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