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RuffleCon Brings the Alternative Fashion World to You
Alternative Fashion at RuffleCon
Unique Style In One Place

RuffleCon brings out the alternative fashion designers from across the world to the East Coast United States. Especially in the alternative fashion world, it can be difficult to access designers directly. Some designers are inaccessible outside of shows and conventions. RuffleCon serves as a centralized location to see, touch, and purchase alternative fashion without being stuck behind a computer or traveling to several different countries.

What does RuffleCon provide the designer?

Looking to break into a tangible market? RuffleCon has a slew of attendees with high quality, detail-oriented taste in garments and the wallets to match. Creative minds can interact directly with those wearing their products, and get an idea of what they love about their designs.

RuffleCon gives the designers an opportunity a standard fashion show does not – the ability to show your designs, interact with your consumer as well as other designers who can range from just getting their feet wet in the fashion world to well-established companies with connections to avenues you may not have encountered otherwise.

The heartbeat of the wearer shines through our conference, and our experience is decadent and lavish. We want this to be the one stop shop for that feeling everyone in the alternative fashion world loves and enjoys.

Come Together With the Fashion Community

We provide a different experience than your standard fashion show or convention. Every person you meet live and breathe fashion, and wants to connect with other people who feel the same way. We are not all serious though – you can have fun at our “Anti-High Tea Party” or late night burlesque shows. You can sing your heart out at our popular karaoke, listen to opera singers, or watch your favorite bands perform! Want to play games with your friends? We have that too. Call it your weekend of fun and games, while surrounding yourself with gorgeous fashion and designers.

Attendees at RuffleCon enjoying a panel presentation

Our Attendees Love Being at RuffleCon
Alternative Fashion at RuffleCon
Alternative Fashion at RuffleCon
Alternative Fashion at RuffleCon
Alternative Fashion at RuffleCon
Alternative Fashion at RuffleCon
Alternative Fashion at RuffleCon
Set Up Shop at RuffleCon
Table or Booth - Your Choice

Your fans want to purchase your fantastic designs! After the show, the best place to get a hold of one of these amazing goods is in our Marketplace. Place your items on display as attendees peruse through the internationally vended shops.

Need power? We’ll provide it. Need internet? We have that too. Need to rent out a dress form or some racks? Our rental sheet is available for you to use. We have a lot of options to get you going and see your designs make their way into your fans closets.

Vendors at RuffleCon Marketplace



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Press Applications and Inquires

Have a blog or website* and want to come do press coverage of RuffleCon? We’d love to have you! Anyone who attends is welcome (and encouraged!) to blog, tweet, and Instagram about their experiences during the convention weekend, and we’d love any shout-outs before the convention to try and spread the word. To qualify for a press badge and discounted weekend attendance, you will have to apply and prove that you meet one or both the following qualifications:

  • Proven readership of 500+ people
  • 2,000+ monthly pageviews

*If you are part of a printed-only publication, please indicate that in your application, as different qualifications apply.

If your blog or websites meets the above, please fill out the form below to apply. You will be asked to provide screenshots from a visitor tracking software as proof that you meet our qualifications. After being accepted, you will be required to purchase your press badge at the discounted rate.

Press Perks

  • Discount off of admission, depending on your availability
  • VIP seating at guest events
  • Access to and interviews with the Ruffle Court or special guests may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

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