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When it comes to events during RuffleCon, sometimes you need alternative programming. We post about our latest updates to the RuffleCon annual conference from scheduling to the panels and workshops available to attend for the conference year. Be sure to check back frequently to see what is in store for this conference year.

RuffleCon Online Members Area: A Tour

Our Members online area is open to the public. Here, depending on your membership level, you can register online and link up with your EventBrite registration. After doing so, you can check your form submission history, from vendor applications to contact form submissions. One of the most valuable resources for our consignors will be the […]

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RuffleCon 2016: Simplicity Prizes!

Simplicity has long believed in the power of creativity. This year, they have once again graciously sponsored one of our biggest displays of handmade skill, ingenuity, and originality. Our Individual Design Contest challenges our talented community of alternative fashion aficionados, to create new and intriguing handmade ensembles with the help of Simplicity Patterns. If you […]

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RuffleCon 2016: Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit

RuffleCon is proud to welcome back our latest guests for 2016, the Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit! The mischievous and gracious hosts of the ever popular Anti-High Tea event, the Crew is back to entertain, enchant, and deliver their own special brand of hijinks to this year’s Midnight Garden. The Pirate Crew of the […]

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RuffleCon 2016: In The Midnight Garden

RuffleCon is proud to announce our official theme for 2016: In The Midnight Garden! The Midnight Garden is a place where fairies hold court, witches haunt the woods, mermaids bathe in the starlight, and exotic flowers bloom in the light of the full moon. Fairy lights, evening primrose, moon flowers, the distant hum of katydids […]

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RuffleCon 2015: Boston BeauTease Performing

We are proud to announce that the Boston BeauTease burlesque troupe will be performing for RuffleCon 2015! Get ready for a full on variety show filled with elegance, class, style, and skin for Friday night! We are happy to include some new programming to expand on the ideas of alternative fashion and those involved interests. […]

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RuffleCon 2015: Dr. Yuniya Kawamura Presents

We are happy to announce the involvement of Dr. Yuniya Kawamura at RuffleCon 2015. She has done extensive academic work on alternative fashion, in particular those within the Japanese subcultures. She will be providing programming during our conference going over her work and giving presentations on youth subcultures. Yuniya Kawamura is professor of sociology at […]

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RuffleCon 2015: The Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit Performs

We are proud to announce the return of the Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit to entertain our attendees once again! They will have a lot programming spread out throughout the weekend, as well as being a master of ceremonies to our Beard Contest. They will also be entertaining the crowd in between our musical […]

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RuffleCon 2015: High Tea – Into the Aviary

September is finally upon us which means that our days until RuffleCon 2015 are rapidly dwindling. With the arrival of RuffleCon comes the beloved High Tea – Into the Aviary. This year’s tea takes up the mantle of the large-scale Victorian aviary which was a cross between a greenhouse and a zoo for exotic birds. […]

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RuffleCon 2015: Citizens of Antiford

We are proud to announce that the Citizens of Antiford will be delivering a plethora of content to RuffleCon 2015 as special guests. We are incredibly happy to have them on board as they make the RuffleCon experience, in particular for our Steampunk fans, extremely enjoyable. They will be providing a lot of content as […]

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RuffleCon 2015: Triple Fortune Question for Their Upcoming Panel

By request of Triple Fortune and on their behalf, we are making a general request to attendees of RuffleCon 2015. On Saturday, the members of Brilliant Kingdom, KAIE and BABI, the creators of Lolita brand Triple Fortune, will be hosting a discussion on Japanese Gothic Lolitas. They would like attendees to submit questions and suggest […]

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